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XXI Brazilian Congress of Toxicology – XV TIAF Latin American Regional Meeting (28 – 31 October 2019, Aguas Lindoia, SP)

TB Henry presentation: “Plastics in the Environment: International Perspectives and New Challenges for Toxicology” (Available)

TB Henry presentation: “Investigations of Microcystis Toxicology Reveal Unexpected Effects and Potential Health Risks in Fishes” (Available)

Simpósio International de Nutrição e Saúde de Peixes (23 a 25 de outubro de 2019, Botucatu, SP)

TB Henry presentation: “Eutrophication of Aquaculture Systems and Environmental Disease in Fish” (23 October 2019, Botcatu, SP) (Available)

Short courses:

From Design of experiments to data analysis using statistical tools (UNICAMP March 2020)

Environmental Toxicology: Research Design, Analysis, and Reporting (USP December 2019)

Short course Rio Preto 2018

Biostatistical analysis and use of the R software platform for statistical analysis (UNICAMP, Campinas, 2018)

Biostatistical analysis and use of the R software platform for statistical analysis (UNICAMPI, Limeira, 2017)

Biostatistical analysis and use of the R software platform for statistical analysis (UNICAMPI, Limeira, 2013)


CNPq- Development of native aquatic organisms and innovative methods for investigating ecotoxicity of Brazilian surface waters


Artal MC, Pereira KD, Luchessi AD, Okura VK, Henry TB, Marques-Souza H, Umbuzeiro GA.  2020.  Transcriptome analysis in Parhyale hawaiensis reveal sex-specific responses to AgNP and AgCl exposure.  Environmental Pollution 126:113963

Fernandes KA, Gomes AMA, Calado LL, Yasui GS, Henry TB, Fonseca AL, Pinto E.  2019.  Toxicity of cyanopeptides from two Microcystis strains on larval development of Astyanax altiparanae.  Toxins 11:220-238.

Olivatto GP, Martins MCT, Montagner CC, Henry TB, Carreira RS.  2019.  Microplastic contamination in surface waters in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 139:157-162.

Vannuci Silva M, Cadore C, Henry TB, Umbuzeiro GA.  2019.  Higher Ag bioavailability after nanoparticles dietary exposure in marine amphipods.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 38(4):806-810.

Artal MC, dos Santos A, Henry TB, Umbuzeiro GA.  2018.  Development of an acute toxicity test with the tropical marine amphipod Parhyale hawaiensis.  Ecotoxicology 27(2):103-108

FI Vacchi, PC Von der Ohe, AF de Albuquerque, JA de Souza Vendemiatti, CCJ Azevedo, JG Honório, BF da Silva, MV Zanoni, TB. Henry, AJ Nogueira, GA Umbuzeiro.  2016.  Occurrence and risk assessment of an azo dye – The case of Disperse Red 1.  Chemosphere 156:95-100.


  1. Henry TB. Microplastics: Sources, occurrence, risks, and initiatives for environmental management.  UNESCO regional Training Workshop on Emerging Pollutants in Water Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean.  University of Campinas, Campinas, SP, Brazil.  6-7 December 2018. (Invited Speaker, Session Chair)
  2. Henry TB. Evidence and speculation on the effects of plastics in surface waters.  Universidade de Campinas, Instituto da Química.UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil, 25 January 2018 (Invited Speaker).
  3. Henry TB. Investigation of toxicant-particle sorption-desorption processes by assessment toxicant bioavailability in the aqueous phase. International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment, School of Technology, UNICAMP, Campus 1, Limeira, SP, Brazil (16-21 July 2017).
  4. Dyrynda EA, Henry TB. Invertebrate immunity: potential uses in understanding toxicant effects in novel models.  International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment, School of Technology, UNICAMP, Campus 1, Limeira, SP, Brazil (16-21 July 2017).
  5. Henry TB. Developing native species as model organisms for investigating ecotoxicity of surface waters. Rain, Rivers and Reservoirs Inernational Workshop.  University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 1-3 September 2015 (Invited speaker).
  6. Henry TB. Distinguishing realistic environmental risks of engineered nanomaterials: separating evidence from speculation. Universidade de Campinas, Instituto da Química.  Campinas, Brazil, 8 April 2015 (Invited Speaker).
  7. Henry TB. When biologically active pharmaceutical substances enter surface waters: challenges for ecotoxicology.  Universidade de Sao Paulo, Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas, Departamento de Analises Clinicas e Toxicologicas.  Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 October 2013 (Invited Speaker).
  8. Henry TB. Ecotoxicity and genotoxicity of nanoparticles in fish: separating evidence from speculation. XII Congresso Brasileiro De Ecotoxicologia. 25-28 September 2012, porto de Galinhas, PE, Brasil.  (Invited Speaker)
  9. Henry TB. Application of gene expression technologies for investigation of ecotoxciological effects of dyes in aquatic organisms.  Workshop sobre Ocorrência, toxicidade e degradação de corantes.  20-21 September 2012, Araraqara, Brazil.  (Invited Speaker).
  10. Henry, TB. Detection of environmental estrogens in surface waters by innovative application of assays that evaluate the induction of vitellogenin in fish.  2nd Workshop sobre Contaminantes Emergentes em Aguas para Consumo Humano.  19 April 2011; Centro de Convencoes da Unicamp, Campinas-SP; Sao Paulo, Brazil (invited seminar and workshop platform presentation)
  11. Henry, TB. Endocrine disruption: an unexpected effect of harmful algal blooms? Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP Limeira – SP – Brazil, 15 April 2011 (invited seminar)