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Chaired Conference Sessions

Scientific coference sessions organized and chaired in the area of micro and nanoplastics in the environment

Chaired Session: Ana I Catarino, Maya Al Sid Cheikh, Farhan Khan.  New Horizons in Particulate Polymer Analysis: Micro- and Nanoplastics and Tire Rubber Detection, Characterisation and Impacts in the Environment. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, European SETAC annual meeting, Rome, Italy May 2018.

Chaired Session: Rochman C, Catarino A, Henry TB.  Environmental impacts of microplastics: an issue of local, regional, and global concern; Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, North America annual meeting, Vancouver, Canada, November 2014. Abstracts Microplstics Session NA SETAC (Nov 2014)

Chaired Sesssion: SETAC Latin America 2015 Meeting (co-chairing Microplastics session and poster presentation), 7-10 September 2015, http://sla2015.setac.org/