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Research Grants (cumulative total US, UK, EU, BR ~ $7.6 million; TB Henry as lead PI ~ $4 million):





1.     Developing alternative models to investigate the impact of nanomaterials on the role of neutrophils in driving inflammation and resolution Johnson H, Stone VS, Henry TB, Tyler CJ, Adriano




2.     Extensive and Ubiquitous Role of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Space (EUROPAH-ETN)

Hornekaer L (AU-DK)(Coordinator); HWU: McCoustra M, Paterson MJ, Westacott R, Henry TB, Turner GH

Horizon 2020 (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016) Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks




3.     Mucosal health and microbiota during sea lice parasitism: effect of oral delivery of immunomodulants

Merrifield DL, Sharma V, Llewellyn M, Henry TB, Martin S, Romeros J, Rafels OS

RCUK Newton – CONICYT (Chile) Research Partnerships Call 2015



4.     Distinguishing realistic environmental risks of nanoplastics by investigating fate and toxicology in real-world scenarios (RealRiskNano)

TB Henry, RC Thompson, T Gutierrez, SJ Rowland

UK NERC Highlight Topics (2015-2019)


5.     Testing nanoparticle physicochemistry to validate the Nanoparticle Standardized Chamber for Aqueous Phase Ecotoxicology (Nano-SCAPE) test

Henry TB, Fernandes T

UK NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (2014-2015)


6.     Effects of ingestion of manufactured nanoparticles on endogenous microbiota and pathogen resistance in rainbow trout

Henry TB, Layton AC, Strange RJ, Vishnivetskaya

U.S. NSF CBET-Enviro Health & Safety of Nano

(Nov 2014-2017)


7.     Development of native aquatic organisms and innovative methods for investigating ecotoxicity of Brazilian surface waters

PI- Brazil (Aragão Umbuzeiro, G)

Henry TB: Pesquisador Visitante Especial)

MEC/MCTI/CAPES/CNPq/FAPS- Bolsa Pesquisador visitante especial – PVE 2014


434,942 R$ ($200,000)

8.     From luc to GFP to lux: Evolving an improved zebrafish model for the screening of endocrine disruptor chemicals

Ripp SA, Henry TB, Xu T




9.     Marine microplastics toxicity: investigating microplastics and their co-contaminants in marine organisms (MARMICROTOX)

Henry TB , Catarino A (Marie Curie Fellow)

Marie Curie Actions; European Commission, Intra-European Fellowships (FP7) (2014-2016)


10. SBIR Phase I: Expressing bacterial luciferase in zebrafish as an innovative new tool for data-intensive, higher-throughput drug discovery

Morrison D, Close D, Ripp SA, Henry TB




11. Framework to respond to regulatory needs of future nanomaterials and markets (FutureNanoNeeds)

Mult. investigators; HWU: Fernandes T, Henry TB

EU FP7-NMP-2013-LARGE-7(2014-2018)



12. Relating aluminum concentrations in GRSM streams with accumulation of aluminum in fish otoliths to enhance fish management

Henry TB, Connolly M, Schwartz JS

JT Tanner Fellowship



13. Reference methods for managing the risk of engineered nanoparticles (MARINA): large-scale collaborative project

Handy RD, Henry TB (UoP component)

European Union FP7 (2011-2015)

£390,000 (UoP)

14. Sublethal effects of manufactured nanoparticles on fish: bioenergetics, brain, and behavior

R. Handy PI

co-PIs: TB Henry

K. Sloman, R. Williamson,




15. Assessment of transgenerational effects of ionizing radiation in zebrafish

TB Henry PI;

co-PIs: A. Jha; W. Langon; R. Jeffries

IAEA; Marine Institute, University of Plymouth



16. Effects of atmospheric deposition on water quality in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

R.B. Robinson; J.S. Schwartz; Henry TB




17. IVIS Lumina Biophotonic Imaging System (equipment grant)

Ripp SA, Sayler GS, Patterson S, Henry TB

DoD- Department of the Army (2007-2008)


18. Development of transgenic zebrafish as bioreporters of estrogenic contaminants

Henry TB PI




19. Investigating chronic toxicity and bioaccumulation of microcystins in freshwater fish using toxicogenomics and histopathology

Henry TB PI

co-PIs: S.W. Wilhelm; R. Strange; G. Sayler

DOC, NOAA, Coastal Oceans Program (ECOHAB) (2006-2010)

$436, 976

20. Ecotoxicology of underivatized fullerenes (C60) in fish:

Henry TB PI

co-PIs: F. Menn, R. Compton, G. Sayler




21. A bioluminescent bioreporter to detect off-flavor compounds in channel catfish

Henry TB PI;

co-PI: J. Sanseverino




22. The toxicity of acid mine drainage mixing zones to warmwater fishes

Henry TB (GRA)

co-PI E.R. Irwin

U.S. National Biol Service (1996)


Research grants obtained for research associates directed by TB Henry (~$80,000)                                                 

1.     Investigation of heat shock gene expression to evaluate effects of anthropogenic noise in Lymnea stagnalis

S Collins


Carnegie Trust


2.     Comparison of target gene expression profiles in deep-water corals after exposure to environmental stress

L Wicks

(Postdoctoral fellow)

Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland (MASTS, 2014-2015)


3.     Assessing the presence of microplastics in the Scottish coast

A Catarino

(Postdoctoral fellow)

Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland (MASTS, 2014-2015)


4.     Effect of toxicants on nkx2.5 gene expression and cardiac development in zebrafish

J Middlemiss


Medical Research Scotland- Vacation Scholarship (2015)


5.     Nanoecotoxicology of metal-nanoparticles

M Eldridge (G Umbuzeiro, TB Henry)

Fullbright program (University of Campinas (Limeira, SP, Brazil) (2014)


6.     Chemical and morphological analyses of trout otoliths as a measure of aluminum exposure in streams impacted by acid deposition in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Connolly MC

(Postdoctoral fellow)

Tennessee Water Resources Institute Program (USGS)




7.     Chemical analysis of trout otoliths as a measure of age-dependent deposition of aqueous aluminum in an Appalachian stream

Connolly MC

(Postdoctoral fellow)

Carlos C. Campbell Fellowship



8.     Environmentally relevant investigation of the ecotoxicology of manufactured nanoparticles in the snail Lymnea stagnalis

Taylor K (undergraduate)

Nuffield studentship (2011)


9.     Analysis of genetic damage to brain tissue of rainbow trout, following exposure to nanoparticles.

Wileman SJ (undergraduate)

Welcome Trust (2010)


10. Investigation of the estrogenicity of different strains of Microcystis aeruginosa

A Wells (undergraduate)

UT Research award (2008)


11. Toxicity of fluoxetine to Ceriodaphnia dubia over multiple generations of exposure

Campbell N (undergraduate)

UGA Research award (2004)