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Valeria Macchia

Valeria Macchia is a visiting scholar at Heriot-Watt University (HWU, Edinburgh, Scotland). She is completing her BSc (Hons) degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology at Edinburgh Napier University, UK.

Valeria is collaborating in the MARMICROTOX project since October 2015, where she is working on the extraction and quantification of microplastics (MPs) present in marine mussels from the Scottish coast. Valeria is performing soft tissue digestion using a new method, microscopic observation and identification of microplastics, and data analysis.

Throughout Valeria’s academic career, she participated in several field studies, which enabled her to developed skills in data collection and analysis, as well results interpretation. She has a proficiency level of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), including when writing scientific reports.

Valeria is also involved in science outreach activities such as ‘Fun Places’ at Wester Hailes, UK, an annual project that brings together arts and science with local communities. She also participates in MARMICROTOX public engagement activities to promote public awareness on the plastic waste and its impact in the environment. Valeria recently became a Native Scientist volunteer, a non-profit enterprise that brings together international scientists and school pupils who are bilingual.

Supervisor: Dr Dr Ana Catarino and Dr Ted Henry